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Past Lives /

Other Lives

Playing with time. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich

Whether we believe in past lives or not, in this case we can always work with our past in this very life.

And if we understand/believe that parallel lives exist simultaneously and all is happening at the same time, then we call it “Other Lives” that we are living at this moment in another parallel universe, but that it’s influencing us in this life.

The work of looking back into the past or in another life involve much more than travelling back to earlier or other lives:


  • Researching causes of problems that come from childhood or another time in this life

  • Targeting memory of specific moments

  • Returns to past lives

  • Hypnoanalysis

  • Tendencies we are carrying in this life and is blocking us

  • Fears / anxiety / apprehensions

  • Relationships (with a partner / parent / friend / work colleague…)

  • Nonsense habits

  • Blockages (money, work, partnerships, house…)

  • Best potentials

What can be treated?

  • All of the points listed above.

  • Edit or resolve all blockages that are of karmic origin.

  • Fears, phobias, physical problems, as well as typical features in your life (failures, poverty, etc).

  • Likewise, conflicts between persons can be solved or tasks can be found, which could not be solved in earlier lives.

  • Finding a life purpose.

  • For pain, anxiety and mild depression, the use of hypnosis is considered highly efficient.

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