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Finding Your

Life Purpose

Searching for a sense of life:

What is your life goal or task? 

Find the meaning of your life

Happy to find a sense to life. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich
Helping hands. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich
Depression, without a goal in life. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich
In search for a meaning of life. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich

Your depression is not meaningless. It is a wake-up call from your body that says, "You can not continue your life like this."



Something has to change in your life. But what?

And to answer this question, one must first know: WHY? For what?

The feeling of separation and isolation is a result of our industrialization, dehumanization and lack of connection with others, and when we try to fill this emptiness with work, power, money or whatever, it merely reinforces the shallowness of our lives. And this feeling of meaninglessness not only becomes the triad of today depression-addiction-aggression, but also may eventuate in neurosis.


Most of us want to prevent our souls from falling asleep.

Walking towards the goal in life. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich
Searching your own path. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich

What is your life goal?

Often it is said, e.g. "I want to be happy", "I want to be healthy", "I want to be rich or make a lot of money", "I want to have a good life", "I want to find my dream husband/wife".


A life goal that really motivates and inspires is like a glowing vision in the heart and leads you to your true purpose. It's about finding out where our real abilities - which are so special to us - are and how are going to be realized. Perhaps you have dreamed of achieving something extraordinary, of living a life of happiness and contentment, of finding your life's goal and of reaching out to it.


It is important to find out what you really want from your heart, what to achieve in your life. But maybe, you still do not know what that is.

Not every one of us knows straight away what he or she really wants to achieve. Many things seem tempting and desirable. Find out what you personally want to achieve in your life, because only your personal inner drive gives you enough power to actually achieve your goals.

Most likely, you've wondered why you're here in this world. Why all this? What is the true reason and meaning of my existence? What am I actually doing here? Where do I come from? What is the purpose of my life?  


Why are you here? Because you want to know more about yourself.


What is my life's task? What is my vocation? These are the questions we sometimes ask ourselves daily. In addition, there is often a tormenting and gruelling feeling, because we put ourselves under pressure and curse the state of ignorance. Just these two side effects make life uncomfortable.


Or maybe you think: "Life /my life has no meaning" or "my life has no meaning any more."



"Meaning of life" means that we feel that we have a value for life. Everyone wants to know why he/she's here, what he/she's doing here, or why life is going the way it is.

This meaning comes from a sense that there is something bigger than ourselves, a cause to serve or a person to love.

The existentialist psychiatrist Viktor Frankl wrote “only to the extent to which man fulfils a meaning out there in the world, does he fulfil himself”

Do you feel burned out and want to regain your motivation and meaning in life?

Some call the task of life a vocation, destiny, soul plan or life mission.

When you live your life's task, you feel fulfilled and feel an enthusiasm for the things you deal with on a daily basis and a life in which one follows one's purpose feels fundamentally meaningful, fulfilled and coherent.

In our culture nowadays, it’s not surprising that so many of us are searching for meaning, as values are focused on the individuals. Our communities are broken and the traditional ways of relating to others and the family itself, given that most marriages now end in divorce, are all changed. That means that not only we don’t feel any more that we belong to something, but also we do not even know who we are.


But there is not a profession that is our destiny, life mission or vocation, but only professions that fit our purpose in life. It is therefore no problem if the profession changes over and over again in the course of life because it may even be in the sense of the life’s purpose.


What we could have experienced in just any incarnation is one thing, but we have a free will and the ability to make new, good, fearless decisions and give life a completely new direction at every moment of our lives.

Searching for meaning is something deeply human. Meaning is the real and deepest motivation of a person to act. This primal cause of human endeavour can lead a person to equate meaning with a desired feeling, motive, condition or goal. 


The connection between meaning of life and mental health has long been scientifically proven. For example, as a study has shown, people who have no purpose in life experience more stress and much less well-being. It is not for nothing that one often associates crises with meaning or loss of meaning with increased pondering and depressive tendencies, all the way to severe depression.

People with a high sense of fulfilment have a completely different quality of life. They are full of power, energy, mental strength and report a higher well-being. They are bubbling with joy of life and experience their lives much more intensively.


But every person has to find and give meaning to oneself. If it were otherwise, then moral appeals as to how to be someone could be packaged as offers and ultimately completely alienate a person. We know such offers, whether through messages from advertising, fashion, sects or sectarian groupings.



People in crisis usually ask the question of meaning with a preceding 'why': Why me, why does that happen now, why is this or that not possible for me ...

Sense is not a condition that arises without your intervention. It's something you have to grow into, something that you have to shape and develop yourself. At every moment, every hour and every day, another sense is waiting to be discovered and shaped by you.

Maybe you just realized that your current life can not go on like this. You have noticed that you are absolutely not happy with how things are going. That things do not make you happy. Or you would like to have other things in your life, but for some reason that does not work. Maybe you're wondering if you just do not deserve to get those things or to be happy.




If we permanently stun our feelings with addictions and distractions, the soul usually begins to communicate with us through the body, in the form of physical complaints, pain, illnesses or psychological crises she shows us that something is wrong and invites us to take a different path.


The people who have lost sight of their meaning of life or never found it, have made a habit of suppressing their unpleasant feelings with excessive work, with computer games, with new hobbies, with excessive sports, with Facebook / YouTube / WhatsApp / Instagram ... with unsatisfactory relationships, with television series or music. They numb their thoughts and feelings to feel better again.

But fear and lack of love, especially for oneself, prevent the steps necessary to follow the task of life.


Also a life task can look rather insignificant or small, but has a great meaning for the soul. It can be a certain experience that our soul wants to do in a body.

Reincarnation. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich

The life mission could be to experience:


  • Experiencing compassion and living actively, being there for others. Help other people lead a better life

  • Inspire other people and change their lives through artistic expression

  • Dissolve old karma

  • Helping to human development, raising human consciousness to a new level

  • To dissolve the extremely limiting belief, "I am not enough," or to love another person unconditionally, or to be loved unconditionally

  • Could be everything

Sadness and Depression. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich

No event, no situation, no experience is meaningful or meaningless per se. They contain as much sense as you are willing to give to them.



To discover and to live one's own life task is never a completed project, but a process that accompanies you a whole life. 


As long as you are alive, you have the best prerequisites to fulfil your life's task.


You live your life purpose as you follow your inner call and reconnect with your authentic inner voice, your intuition. If you follow what magically attracts, fills, and makes you happy, you can not miss it.

Do not wait any longer, but go directly to give your life a clear direction.



 "The knowledge of a life task has an eminent psychotherapeutic and psychohygienic value. Anyone who knows the meaning of their life helps this consciousness more than anything else to overcome external difficulties and inner discomfort. "

 Viktor Frankl




"What a human really wants is ultimately not happiness, but a cause for happiness."

 Viktor Frankl




"The purpose of life is to give meaning to life."

 Paul Wong




So it's not just about finding your purpose in life, but also giving meaning to your life. To make it and to take it out of yourself.

How do I find out what I really want? How do I find my goals? How do I know what I really want to achieve?



Here you will be accompanied and supported, so that you can bring your essence to light.


It's about your personal meaning, which you are always looking for. But this sense has its starting point in your deepest interior. Having uncovered this starting point makes it easier for you to discover and shape the situational sense for yourself.

Most of the time you are not aware of your strengths and talents at all, or you say "Oh, everybody can do that", "It's not that great".


But you certainly have talents and strengths that help you shape your meaning of life.



So when people ask, "What should I do with my life?" or "What is the purpose of my life?" they actually mean: "What can I do with my time, which is important?"

In the ancient times we had elders to guide us and show us the way into manhood or womanhood, to help us uncover the secrets, to give us the means to a more authentic life, to help us to get into adulthood and to access to our inner wisdom. To help us to know ourselves.

Those age-old questions of Who am I? Why am I here? Who am I to become? what’s the purpose of this life? were at the heart of those initiations we used to get, and we still need to know those answers, to feel welcome in the world and to find our place within it.

Now we don’t have such elders to guide us to discover the power within us and many of us are lost or confused in our modern world.

Happy of life. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich
Accompany and support. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich

In this workshop / coaching / hypnosis (what you decide to experience with us) is about the details, derived from your present situation, to find and implement your very personal life goal. We will work with you to develop a step-by-step strategy that suits you, how to approach your dreams and realize yourself.

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