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What is a consultation?

  • Consultation (from the Latin consultatio) - is generally a non-binding, structured oral communication.

  • Counselling refers to measures for psychosocial support in life crises, family issues and problems in the workplace.

  • If psychological issues are at the heart of the consultation, it is legally classified as a psychological counselling measure.

  • Counselling is understood as a temporary form of help and support, it is above all, help for self-help. In contrast to the concrete "advice" from friends, acquaintances or relatives, professional consultants also provide information, but they usually try to open up new space for change on the basis of a theory of advice, while the decisive action steps remain with the clients.

  • No decisions are made for others.


What does a Coaching do?

  • In coaching, in contrast to the classic advice, there are no direct solutions provided by the coach, but the accompaniment of people in the professional or private environment, in the search for solutions and goal-oriented.

  • Coaching refers to structured discussions between a coach and a coachee (client). The goals of these discussions range from the assessment and development of personal competencies and perspectives to suggestions for self-reflection and overcoming conflicts with employees, colleagues or supervisors, as well as in other conflict's areas.

  • The word "coach" originally means "carriage" and has been proven in the English language since 1556.

  • The impact factors (including the personal relationship) are basically the same in psychotherapy, coaching and other counselling and training methods. A professional diagnosis of pathological behaviour is difficult even for professionals (psychotherapists or psychiatrists). For this reason, we recommend that you first consult a specialist.

  • Generally, coaching is seen as an advisory activity that moves outside of psychotherapy.

  • A coach is not a teacher, preacher, problem solver, comforter or confessor, but a partner in addressing challenges and issues.

  • „Having a coach provides the unusual opportunity to discuss issues and try out ideas with someone who can understand them and provide helpful, objective feedback and suggestions, while maintaining strict confidentiality“ (Coaching-Conversation).

It’s possible to have a coaching or counselling session, personally or by Skype

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