and „Suggestive Operations“

What is Hypno-Surgery?

It´s a special form of hypnosis in which the boundaries between psychotherapeutic and somatic work are blurred. Operation - but without knife, without narcosis, without scalpel.


It works because our brain can not tell if something is really happening, or only in our imagination. The subconscious mind triggers processes that are physically noticeable.

The goal of hypno-surgery is to create real effects through a "hypnotic simulation" of treatments.

These treatments may be surgical in nature, but more broadly include "injections, infusions or radiation" that can be simulated in hypnosis - suggesting and having the potential to achieve the same healing results as real-world treatment.

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The origins of Hypno-Surgery go back to Millennia:

  • Shamanic techniques such as trepanation or energetic operations

  • Exorcism

  • Spirit healers (Philippines, Brazil)

  • Paranormal surgery

  • Aura surgery, phantom surgery

  • Placebo research

  • Removal of dead teeth

  • Virtual operations

  • Change the quantum level

How does «Hypno-Surgery» work?

Suggestions are given to the subconscious in a relaxed state. This method is particularly suitable for people who could experience a "real" operation with too much risk or an operation that is not mandatory but advisable.

Interestingly, it does not matter if the client knows that it is basically "just" a placebo treatment. An open placebo - i. a placebo that patients knew was a placebo - has an effect.


The method works because our brain can not tell if something is happening in real life or not.


The patient is suggested in the trance something that has physical effects. For example, the blood pressure can be influenced during a trance.

This technique has become known mainly through the headlines about virtual gastric band surgery in connection with weight loss offers, which have achieved considerable success. "Easier cases" can also be treated well, especially with hypnosis.

The variety of possible applications of hypno-surgery is almost unlimited, but in any case it requires - as with all treatments - a detailed consultation. Noteworthy in this context is the so-called nocebo effect. Its effect is very serious in medicine and suggests the opposite. Often, it is even more effective than a placebo, as feelings of anxiety and apprehension increase the effect.

Application areas of suggestive surgery

  • Operations on the "hypnotic gastric band"

  • Knee and joint operations

  • Irradiation treatment in combination with LED / soft laser e.g. in skin diseases

  • Suggestive ointments / injection / infusion

  • Acupuncture

  • Excretory Therapy - Detox / initiation of detoxification processes

  • Operations on the energy body / aura

  • Hypnosurgical work on the energetic / abstracted level

  • Back, spinal problems

  • Losing weight / weight reduction

  • Loosen bonds

  • Align intervertebral discs

  • Initiate detoxification z. B. after chemo

  • Sew on ligaments / tendons of knee / on shoulders

  • Peel off warts / age spots

  • Restore the intestine

  • Haemorrhoids 

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Close open wounds

  • Balancing hormones


At least 3 sessions of 60 min each are necessary:

1st session

Preliminary talk, anamnesis, clarification


2nd session

Hypno-surgical or suggestive surgery


3rd session

Follow-up, control, further clarification

Energy work. Psychological counselling, hypnosis and workshops - seminars with May in Munich

Particularly important!

  • Of course, always get before a physical clarification by the doctor, if it´s needed a somatic treatment! Please do not take the subtle form of injuries or body harm too lightly. Look for a doctor who is basically positive and supportive.

  • This treatment never replaces a possibly necessary medical treatment.

  • Collaboration with the attending physician is possible and desirable at any time.

  • Acute life-threatening cases, such as a inflamed caecum, are definitely in the hands of a doctor.